Star Wars Destiny Two-Player Board Game
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Star Wars Destiny Two-Player Board Game

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Band together to defeat the Empire in this Star Wars: Destiny game. Created for two players, this game contains two 23-card decks and sixteen dice, which help you find your way through the storyline. Easy to play and packaged with a set of simple rules, this Star Wars: Destiny game is ideal for players over the age of ten.
Take command of unlimited resources
Command the First Order and take control of Kylo Ren and Captain Phasma, or uphold the values of the Resistance with Rey and Poe.

Iconic characters Kylo Ren, Captain Phasma, Rey and Poe
Help you turn the course of the struggle in your favor.

Two optimized 23-card decks
Gather your small team of iconic characters together and battle to defeat your foes using your characters dice and the cards in your deck.

For two players
This tense and fast-paced card game for two players is set in the Star Wars universe.

Easy-to-learn rules
Allow you to quickly start the game.

Suitable for ages 10 and older
For age-appropriate and imaginative fun.