Ultraman Non Scale Model Kit
Ultraman Non Scale Model Kit
Ultraman Non Scale Model Kit

Ultraman Non Scale Model Kit

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The ULTRAMAN suit worn by Shinjiro Hayata in the 2019 anime series is being recreated as a plastic model kit! This detailed model kit features dramatically sculpted pieces that combine to create a fully articulated rendition of ULTRAMAN with an impressive range of poseability. This multicolored kit consists of colored plastic parts that closely resemble the suit from the anime series with no painting required.

Included Items:
  • The parts were designed using assets from the anime, giving them a satisfying sense of weight and volume. The fully articulated model can be displayed in a variety of poses, from dynamic action poses to a stable standing pose.
  • The shoulders are equipped with pull out joints that give the arms a wide range of movement. The chest armor can be switched out to create a Specium Ray attack pose.
  • The shoulder armor can be adjusted individually, ensuring that it is not a hindrance to the movement of the arms.
  • The kit comes with three interchangeable types of forearm armor, “Default,” “Specium Blade,” and “Specium Ray.”
  • The connector for the “Specium Ray” forearm parts contains a sliding gimmick.
  • In addition to the standard closed hand parts, the kit includes three sets of different open hand parts (one of which can be connected with extra parts to recreate the Ultra Slash) for a total of eight hand parts.
  • The chest and waist are equipped with joints, allowing the model’s torso to be turned for different poses.
  • The connectors for the thigh joints have a wide range of movement.
  • The kit includes interchangeable armor for the back that is compatible with a variety of Flying Bases (sold separately).
  • The eyes are made of clear yellow plastic and the Color timer, Specium Blades, and Ultra Slash parts are made of clear blue plastic.